Well Monitoring

Perma Works is an industry leader of high temperature downhole well monitoring tools. From analog to digital we can take the heat in bare foot configurations up to 300°c for weeks on end.

Tool burn up is a thing of the past.

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Well Logging

Well logging at any temperature. Flaskless, flasked, let us know and we can provide pressure, temperature, flow, collar locator with field repairable and calibratable tools.

Advanced Geothermal Engineering

At Perma Works, we are creating the engineering tools for geothermal power production to become the power generation of choice, now and forever.

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We mean high temperature

Our tools can handle some of the worst that can happen in the field and return to service.

Cooking with Perma Works

Direct boiling salt water exposure to the electronics. Requires only drying to resume function.

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Trial by Fire

High Temperature High Reliability (HT/HR) go into our tools. Unmatched resistance and longevity at extreme temperatures.

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Circuit Board and Solder

A direct demonstration of alternative circuit boards and Perma Works' high temperature boards and soldering processes. These are not welded joins.

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Thermal Shock

Complete pressure measuring circuit put to the extremes. Returns to function after over 800F!

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